Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Mad mad f**king Madchester
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Hi everyone,

This blog post is about my recent trip to Manchester, so I thought that video would be fitting for this, with it showing Bez from the Happy Mondays, who is a total musical legend BTW, as well as quality music from the place - I don't think I'll find anything like this for Newcastle! BTW you can see the TV version of the advert (Which is very different) by going here.

So yeah on Saturday I made a trip to Manchester, for sightseeing, giggage, & meeting new friends. I knew I was going to meet my friend Sharon after the gig, but other than that I was literally a bloke who's travelled for new friends - crazy it might seem, but read on for more about it all.

This isn't the first time I visited Manchester - towards the end of the easter hols, I went there for the first time to meet Kimmy and Gem - we went out that night, but it was just a bit much for me, & I ended up spending much of the night alone in the chill out area of the club, 5th Avenue, as I simply didn't feel great :-( . I had to stay till 2AM (about 4 hours I think I was in there) - you see, Kimmy and Gem both got pulls - I told them I'd be upstairs as I felt unwell, and they were welcome to visit me - neither of them did - not even once! Although credit to Gem for caring a little later on when I was back downstairs and suggesting I'd go upstairs & have water, as well as the randomers I spoke to that night.

Anyways, back to this time, I chose the cheap option of getting to Manchester once again, ie, Megabus. Typical that after a driver change (& picking up loads of passengers from a broken down coach), the new driver put on the front blowers, which were blasting out HOT air - this made towards the front of the top deck (Which was fine just about) boiling. I couldn't tell him about it for an hour as we were moving solidly on motorways (thats one of the few times I've ever HOPED for a traffic jam!). Anyways, yeah he was shocked to hear that, & immediately turned them off - unfortunately he didn't know how to get more cool air blowing.

We got to Manchester 15 minutes early & I went down to my hotel (about 5-10 minutes from the megabus stop on Chorlton Street). It was actually a student halls of residence run by UMIST being rented out as a hotel, meaning it was cheap & cheerful, & did have a strange smell about when walking from the Days Inn hotel nextdoor into the halls. However, it did the job, & came with a really useful ensuite shower, which after my roasting journey, I got in right away pretty much. By the time I got dressed again & had unpacked a little, it was almost 4PM. I was considering going to Manchester City Centre, & my hotel had a bar, but in the end I decided to just go to the telly room in my halls. Suprisingly, it was empty! Probs because there was no-one else staying in my block of rooms. Hehe I won't go into the footie, other than the fact that quite frankly I'd rather it've not gone into extra time as it meant less time to buy a few things & then go to find Manchester Academy 2 (which I knew was on Oxford Road, but didn't realise was quite so close - only took about 10-15 minutes to get to).

Whilst waiting for doors to open I was speaking to randomers who were having a seat - a bit about the disappointing footie (no still not going to talk about it), and a bit about the music that night - oh & a bit finding out which building actually is Manchester Academy 2 (turns out the older building to the North is Academy 2 & 3, and the redbrick building is Academy 1).

So yeah with a very open-minded (in a musical way) mother & son whom I just met, we went into the venue realising doors had actually opened, and the first band were due to be on. I thought they were going to be bauer, & I shouted Onions as they came on. Turned out they were actually Neo Tokyo, and were really good as openers (although a tad unusual).

I spoke to 2 more randomers who were there for the headliners, and the band who were getting ready were bauer this time deffo I could tell. Now the 3 peeps I was hanging out with (the 2 randomers & the kid) hadn't heard of bauer beforehand, but when they came on they were dancing like crazy, as was I. I admit it was me who shouted "quality" before Indian Sign, which probs caught their attention for a second hehe. Greg gave a hint that I took advantage of of some girls who were frequent bauer giggoers, and after shaking Greg's hand at the end of the gig, & talking to the peeps I was with for a bit, I went up to those girls (Charlotte, Natasha & Philippa) & it turned out they were not only Mikey's friends, but also knew my friend Sharon, who I was going to meet after the gig anyway - I did ask them if they minded me joining them, & they didn't at all - anyways they went off to the bar. A bit after going back to the kid & his mother for a brief chat, I met Mikey Guitar, bauer's guitarist.

Anyways, I hung around the venue for Vib Gyor's set - I also know them from adding me on myspace in a similar way to bauer. Some of their stuff (like Church Bells) is more Keane like, and some of their stuff (like The Secret) is more like The Cooper Temple Clause - well, thats my view. Anyways, they played their more Keane-like stuff, and was disappointed they didn't play The Secret in particular (I would've just loved to've heard the trumpet bit at the start of that song live). Still they were also total quality live don't get me wrong there.

After Vib's set, I went out to find Philippa & the rest of the girls I met earlier, & I found them at a table with Mikey. This was quite a crazy part of the night - I remember singing silly songs with Mikey & doing some dances - some mine (I think I did the funky chicken) & some not (thats right - I danced like Bez! & Mikey gave me some skiffs to use as maraccas). I also remember a photo was taken, but I was so knackered my head was down & I didn't realise that a piccy was being taken (silly me).

Anyways, after catching some of Puressence & hanging around the bar, we headed off down Oxford Road to 42nd Street. On the way there there deffo was some craziness, including a piccy of us all humping a letterbox (Charlotte is using that as her myspace piccy as well!). Admittadely I kinda kept Sharon waiting for us as I had no idea of how long it'd take (Mikey gave a precise estimate as to when we'd be there - can't remember how correct he was hehe), but eventually we got there, & Sharon was there waiting for us - Sharon & I actually got in for free by a random girl's 2 guestlist places - deffp appreciate it. Unfortunately I was horribly knackered by that time & so wasn't at my most talkative or cheery, but I still thought 42nd Street was quality, & I was so happy to be there. Plus its not too big & didn't have quite so many emos that night compared to my visit to 5th Avenue back in April. Anyways, yeah just before I left, Mikey gave me his Academy 2 backstage pass & his guitar pick - both got home safe & intact :-).

Well, at this point I have to thank Mikey, Charlotte, Natasha, Philippa & Sharon for making me feel welcome, looking after me well & everything - I deffo appreciate it, & deffo appreciate the night out after the gig, as well as the company.

After having another shower, a really nice night's sleep (impressive given how cheap the place was) & a yummy free breakfast, I checked out of the hotel & had a look around Manchester City Centre - I was mainly looking for Superdrug & Marks & Spencer, the former for their buy one get one free offer on Pepsi Max Twists, & the latter for their great travelling food. Annoyingly, in M&S I forgot to pick up a fork for my salad, & whilst looking for some plastic forks, I found a cheap shop that sold Pepsi Max Twist bottles for something that worked out cheaper than buy one get one free in Superdrug - however, superdrug's bottles are refridgerated! Hehe any excuse to still stand by my purchase!

But yeah after a wait in Manchester Piccadilly Coach Station, which is by the megabus stop & was cooler than waiting in the sweltering heat outside, my megabus arrived about 15 minutes early. However, it was going to be a really busy one, with the downstairs already full when I got on - was so hoping I was going to be early with this one. In typical style we couldn't leave because the luggage door wouldn't shut, so a mechanic had to be called. Waited 45 minutes in the end, & the coach felt horrid with shite aircon - & we didn't get to London quicker than scheduled. Ah well I got home anyway, despite being roasted in that coach, and all in all the trip was so well worth it.

In other news, to my suprise, I passed my 2nd year at Imperial College. Meaning no resits in September!!!

You're twistin' my melon mannn - call the f**king cops!

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
The Video Is In Colour!

Out on May 8th in all good record stores (& some rubbish ones too).

Saturday, March 04, 2006
KOKO (Club NME) Bastards
Hi everyone,

Well this all appears in the rant thread of The Upper Room's official forum. I went to the KOKO gig to see the guys play what I knew would be their biggest gig last night - or at least that was the plan.

After queueing for OVER AN HOUR in the freezing with Steve & Susan, we finally got to the front of the queue - the place was advertised to open at 10PM - swear it opened at 10:30 at the earliest.

Anyways, yeah at the front of the queue they ID'd me - fair enough I have my CitizenCard, a government backed scheme that I've had no problems with since I got it a year ago. What do you know KOKO refuses to take it! And they only take certain photo IDs (whose names I don't remember) & I don't drive (& given where I live, don't think I will for a very long time), & quite frankly I don't want to be travelling London in the early hours with my passport!

I paid TEN WHOLE POUNDS to get one of these cards, & I surely would be guarnteed entry to everywhere & for it to be as effective as a driving licence, passport, etc! Its like the leading scheme as well. But for one of London's (not necessarily rightly so) leading venue & club night not to accept it - its just a fucking joke!

Right so I had no photo ID so they asked me how old I was - now I have been 20 since October, but do you ever get that thing where you think your age is a tad different by a year? Well that happened to me! And the tossers of cunts that are the security guards wouldn't let me in, even though I REALLY was SO (maybe unnecessarily) NERVOUS - I hope quite frankly they get sacked - or worse - get seriously hurt by some drunk with a bottle or something like that (I know I shouldn't wish for others to be injured, but I feel this is an exception)! THEY REALLY ARE A BUNCH OF RIGHT TOSSERS, and ruined a night out not only for me but also Susan & Steve, and led to all 3 of us going home when we all should've been enjoying my friends' biggest gig.

Now normally I'd be swearing so much & asking for their names & doing everything I can to ensure they got sacked. But I was weak & begging - this wasn't unintentional - I didn't want to rule things out, & in some ways I did the right thing. Nikky & Kelly noticed all this & after a bit of street teaming on the queue, I managed to get in on Nikky's guestlist place (I REALLY am grateful huni, & Jon I'm also grateful for indirectly giving me this lifeline). However, Nikky didn't feel particularly well & neither did I really after my ordeal. After getting some water (thank God they didn't try to rip us off there), & a bit of arguing (Nikky genuinely wanted me to stay), I left with Nikky (sorry Kelly I had to leave you there), and seeing her poor state with coughing & shivering I was starting to feel I've done the right thing. I just felt the venue wasn't all that either, but it really is massive, which is why they can get away with getting RIGHT ARSEHOLES employyed as security guards.

Anyways, we went to Mornington Crescent underground station & the ticket machine wouldn't take my Oyster Card (thats TfL's smartcard scheme) - I thought it was because I ran out of credit so (this is the point where Nikky left me as she was already through the ticket barrier & she just wanted to get home - I did get a text saying she gott home safely - poor love) I went to the ticket mackine to top up - the fucking barriers wouldn't let me through - it wasn't like there was a problem with my card as I got on 3 different buses afterwards fine. The machines were saying "Seek Assistance" - there was no-one there! That really was the icing on the cake as I wanted to kep Nikky company & so what I can to help her feel better.


I hope my friends, The Upper Room, performed ace despite knackeredness & the overwhelming size of the venue. I hope Kelly, Martina, Phil & everyone else doing stret teaming got LOADS of people (crap I should've lent my torch to Kelly!). And I hope as a result of that the band get some new forum members. And I hope every friend of mine who was there had a brilliant time - its not their fault that I'm pissed off - & I wouldn't blame the guys if they play there again because its massive - its not their fault that I wouldn't be there as a result of a few wankers.

Just before I go though, I would like to thank Susan & Steve for coming along & standing right by me all evening whilst you were around (they left the queue too with me when I couldn't get in - how quality is that!), along with Nikky, Kelly & Jon (yeah mate - if you ever read this I know you weren't there at the time but you helped loads without realising it) for helping me get in, and for Kimmy (who I'll be visiting in April in Manchester) and Helen for being great moral support over the phone - just sorry you peeps had to put up with me being upset.

Sunday, January 29, 2006
Its Been A Long Time Coming
Hi everyone,

Well, The Delays sound quality - however, I unfortunately had to give their gig at Ministry Of Sound a miss for some reason that I can't remember.

Anyways, so much has been going on over the past month. Believe me its taken me this long to blog for a reason. And BTW this blog is posted over on the recently launched myspace blog as well.

Around the middle of January, Nikky held a house party. It was actually one of her first ever ones she's held, but she had some special guests - The Upper Room. Of course, there were other quality guests, namely a few friends of Nikky's and a fair few people from the band's official messageboard. It deffo was a total quality party, although some were traumatised by one guy giving his dignity away :P. I was in a different room at that point fortunately. I had many quality chats with all the people, including all 4 band memebers so it really was quality and made some new friends too.

That wasn't the last time I was to se Alex and the guys. I went to three of their 2006 gigs, and did mailing list rounds at all 3 (In return getting guestlisted at two of them). The first was at Metro Club, which was a quality night, but it was marred by the sound people of the venue cuting the set short by 2 songs (meaning they could not play Once For Me and Black & White) - Alex was really pissed off about that as well, but the crowd were won over by the set, and there were people from NME & Radio 1 as well. The next one was early this month at Dingwalls, where they supported El Presidente. Again the guys won over much of the crowd, with 6 pages of mailing list addys there. El Pres also did a cover of Common People which was very good (not quite as good as Will Shatner's though) and during that my Kat Hat was taken by the first support act - I had to argue with them afterwards to get it back - they were drunk BTW. After the gig we all went to The Roxy and some quality piccys are on my photobucket. The last of the gigs was at the tiny venue that is the Water Rats, and it was packed out, and the clear majority wanted to join the mailing list, what with getting 2 pages worth of addys.

Anyways, back to January, which also had what was the start of my 2006 Tour of Britain, and my port of call was Warwick. This is to see the lovely girl that is Sarah H.B. I arrived at Cannon Park after a (£1!!!) 2 hour megabus trip a little after she finished her audition. Unfortunately, poor Sarah wasn't particularly well, but after dropping my stuff off, she took me on a tour of the union. It really does put Beit to shame - & (dare I say this) ULU & UCLU as well (although I dunno about those 2 put together) - its massive, and deffo seems quality. And I lost my (usually very good) sense of direction whilst we were looking around it. Actually the Warwick campus is massive, with lots of greenery - being from a uni of concrete (alright there is Hyde Park nearby I know), this is a massive difference.

Anyways, we returned to her room after our look around the union - at this point I helped Sarah set up her myspace, which has two beautiful recordings of her's. When we finished setting it up, we sat back and listened to her music, and after a huggle, Sarah fell asleep for a while. I felt it was best of a bit to leave her be. Anyways, Gary (he's Sarah's bf BTW - & a top bloke too) soon came over & we all watched a film whilst having pizza. But yeah from then on things were kinda quiet but at the same time very nice, & there were some top people there too. I did feel sorry for Sarah not being well at all, & I did what I could to help look after her. Anyways, I decided that I'm going to be making another visit to Warwick, which will be next weekend. (Slight update - or maybe not - well, actually deffo not unfortunately, as that clashes with a trip Sarah's got - & she's only just found out).

This weekend features the third Kids WIll Be Skeletons (I had to miss the second one because of admin work - I did do promoting for that with Greg around Imperial halls and saw how boring they are - how I found I missed nothing there :P - actually in uni Imperial can be very....fill in the gap!) - actually thats tonight. Also happening this weekend 2 Dutch friends, Jantine & Jenny, have been visiting London - I saw them yesterday & showed them around some of Central London - it was quality deffo, and I'll be seeing them again tomorrow.

Anyways hope you've enjoyed the round up.

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Saturday, January 14, 2006
Clip Request - George Galloway
UPDATE - FOUND IT - thanks to the quality site that is You Tube.

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have a free clip of George Galloway pretending to be a cat the other night in Big Brother?

All I've found is a paid one, one with music over, and a transcript.

Next we'll have Tony Blair pretending to be a puppy in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here or something like that!

Anyways, thanks in advance.

Thursday, December 29, 2005
Kat Hat Quality
Hi everyone,

Today I got a total quality suprise in the post - my Kat Hat.

Photo is below, with me wearing it, along with the recently introduced ULU Steward T shirt (making this the photo of nearly everything cool over the past month). As much as I'd love to work with a Kat Hat, I don't think that'd be wise!

Kat Hats are available from Two Sides Wide (which is also the home of a quality webcomic), and cost £5 plus postage & packaging.

I'm dedicating this post to Susan, the girl who makes these quality fashion icons (I mean the hats). Many huggles - yeah I like the hat loads :)

Monday, December 26, 2005
I'm Now On MySpace
..........but I'll keep blogging here.

Here's the link to my MySpace - feel free to add me - enjoy.

Sunday, December 25, 2005
Ho Ho Ho! Merry Everyone! (This is a long, long Christmas message)
Hi everyone,

Well, usually Christmas messages are messages for reflection, or just random stuff. However, the reflection over the past year has been sorted just a few days ago, so this post is gonna be what this blog has been dying for for ages - an update on things my end. However, bear in mind that I've just had (a very nice & chilled) bottle of Fosters Ice (my first Fosters Ice as well) and even that does have a fair bit of an effect, so please bear with my ultra lightweightedness.

I've mentioned gigging in my past post, and over these past few months I have been to a fair few.

The first out of work was Kaiser Chiefs, with Maximo Park & The Cribs in support. Now this gig was in sad circumstances because even offering tickets for free couldn't lure anyone to come with me - it was really sad, and near the entrance of the Brixton Academy I was pretty much in tears contemplating whether or not to actually go in, bearing in mind the social disaster that was my birthday less than a week before. In the end, I did what I knew I'd be saying would be the sensible thing by going in with just the one ticket of the pair (not selling to a tout either - however, if only I knew about this website where you can sell tickets at the price they should be sold - face value). Anyways, I came in to see The Cribs already on - good band with an interesting drummer, who kept climbing onto his drumkit whilst playing! I was still feeling somewhat blue until the Maximo Park set, which was really good & deffo cheered me up a fair bit. To finish it off was the band I once saw as a support act at King's College London, Kaiser Chiefs - I'd say they were deffo quality, but actually not as good as the Park.

A few weeks later I was faced with a decision - a band I had been plugging for ages as you all now know (because I put two of their videos up on my blog) called The Upper Room were playing in London in early November. Now if your'e sick of me going on and on about this quality act, skip this paragraph because I'm gonna go on here. My choice was to go to the gig on the Monday at Water Rats, or on Wednesday at Metro Club - now I knew even if I was alone, I'd want to go whatever because they're probs my favourite band of 2005. On the Monday I ended up feeling a tad depressed and not really up for it, and I knew I was regretting it when I was signing Kill Kill Kill on the bus home (and it was a tad late to go up to King's Cross). As soon as I got home, I decided to go on Ticketweb (that's the best website for gig tickets, lets face it) and buy a ticket for the gig two days later. This gig also had Lowgold supporting, a band whose first single (called In Amber) I have on vinyl. Now I know its very very easy to say this, but The Upper Room were quality - what I particularly found good is that it was such a small venue, and I was right up at the front, and its quite an experience seeing a favourite band like that. Equally an experience was (after asking someone about when the T Shirt will be released) speaking to Alex's (lead singer) bro - he was a top bloke, and gave me a promotional mini CD which I'm keeping right here as a prized thingey. Jimmy (guitarist) also came up to me offerring one as well, but I was honest & told him I already had one, & also took the opportunity to say they were quality live. Two of the three other bands were also very good, with Ray putting on a suprisingly good set as openers and Lowgold being very good and also amusing on stage (lets say the lead singer was playing about with not only fellow bandmembers, but also a few audience members), even though most of their stuff was their less familiar stuff (despite the roar for In Amber, they didn't play that). They did play the quality that was Beauty Dies Young.

(Another Upper Room paragraph - skip this if you wish) Of course, I knew that I'd want to see The Upper Room again, particularly since I missed a quality Water Rats gig (so forum members say - apparently that was like a private performance!). The band were offerring free tickets to a gig in a few weeks time via email, an opportunity I so couldn't turn down, so before I went off to Metro, I emailed for tickets, and what do you know I managed to get not one but two! Now I had a challenge on my hands, find someone willing to come - once again, this proved to be a real challenge, but this time I was more successful in that the lovely Jasmine was more than happy to come along. After getting lost on the very cold November evening, trying to find the venue, we arrived towards the end of Motion Picture Soundtack's set - they sounded very good and I regretted not scouting to find the venue before I met Jas. After that was Gliss - a friend of Jas's told her they're very good. Well, this group are a 3 piece from America (California, I think) and what was very unique about them was they all played all the instruments & sang, and kept swapping around. The frontman seemed like a bit of a weirdo, and the other bloke in the band looked very much like my friend Greg from uni, but there was a girl in the band too - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - yummy - she looked really fit - rock chique mmmmm. Anyways, the healiners were of course The Upper Room and once again they were quality, and once again I was right at the front by the stage. What made this gig special was not seeing a stagedive by someone for a setlist (& knocking over a few amps in the process), but the fact I got to meet a number of fellow fans from the messageboard (after asking one of them what the crossed out track on the setlist was). They seemed like top people, and some even offerred me to join them on a trip to some clubs - I had a very long day though, what with struggling to get some discrtete maths coursework done on time. However, as soon as I got home I joined the messageboard. Some tracks from this gig are online to view here, along with an interview. On the third and final Upper Room gig, I met some more fellow fans, danced with Nikky (she's a fellow fan BTW) during Combination, and had a bit of a chat with bandmembers (& I was the only person who's met another Beau previously - oh yeah & Beau's the bassist of the band). Oh and Jimmy recgnised me from the Metro gig as well - what a dude! Anyways, Nikky gave me a setlist for this gig, which (to finish this bit on The Upper Room) was:
  • Combination
  • Your Body
  • All Over This Town
  • Kill Kill Kill
  • Leave Me Alone
  • Once For Me
  • Black & White
Of course, there were other live experiences over this past term. In mid November the Union were doing an evening of 3 live bands, as well as an indie/rock club type thing - however, it was all too good to be true. When I went into dB's (club bit of the union) with two people, it was deserted. Where we were sitting, the silly lighting they had kept stopping on us and stayed there for ages, blinding us out. And as if all that wasn't enough, the first band (& the only one I saw) didn't go on till 10:30PM - thats usually a time a headliner would finish! The band who were on (I think they were called the Causals) were quite good as a band, but let down by the shemale lead singer, who didn't sing well at all. After that, being knackered, I left.

However, Matty did a much better job with organising this than the union did (dark piccy I know - no - not my monitor - the poster by the side of it):

Kids Will Be Skeletons was a new concept of having an indie club night at the union, along with 3 live bands. It was also very popular, with final year people saying it was probs the best indie night at the union, and really I'd have to agree with that given my experiences there. The first band was Broken Colossus, who were just very very weird. Futurecorpses were also unusual, but this time not in a torturing way - they were good (& this isn't just me sucking up to Matty either). The final band, Captain Black, had a very good cheer about them and many of us were dancing to them. The songs played were unusual as well, but also quality and none of them I've ever heard. I think we all know the words - there should be more Kids Will Be Skeletons events to come, and hopefully the union won't live up its own arse. This night even beat a similar Christmas event held over at LSE, which was largely filled with a set of iPod based bands (& a group of Diana Ross & Suprememes dressups).

(Digressing from the live music bit here) I do have a slight thing against the union of Imperial College at the moment - whilst yeah they did successful campaign againt the ridiculous security measures in the college, my thing against it is that they didn't train me for my position of treasurer - I came in mid August to find out about just that, & they scared me over two forms that needed filling. However, they failed to tell me that there were training sessions being held throughout the summer holiday, and when I found that out I really was furious, and made me think "no wonder Gimperial's union is so whimpish". I did get training in the end from Media Group Treasurer, Pavlos, and I'm very grateful to him for that. Generally, I'm a tad pissed off at things around Imperial, with the exception of AMS and possibly IC Radio. And I'm hardly the happiest bunny about things on my course, what with the disaster that was the group project that I could moan so much about but won't.

Thank goodness for ULU thats all I can say. Sadly Imperial are now to leave the University of London, in a move where there was very little student consultation. I still feel that interuniversity cooperation is still vitally important, as quite frankly I still very much want to be associated with students from the likes of UCL, KCL, SOAS and LSE, and I believe this is a role that ULU should continue to play, and quite frankly I feel Imperial must remain a part of that at all costs, and I don't just say that because I work there.

Of course, working at ULU has to be a highlight of the term. The quality friends I've made there - I've just made so many who I'd've otherwise never met. And not all of them I work alongside, what with meeting UCL's juggling club, Balls, through work, and quite a few Mondays I go up to the Gower Street campus to join them & throw my balls about a bit. After that we usually go off to have a drink - once I did get too drunk after 2 buds in ULU, and one other time they took me to a very big, but nice, union bar at UCL's union. Oh & that evening I met a dude from Imperial who (like me) believes the place can be very boring. Balls also encouraged me to start balloon making, and I made my first balloon dog:

That wasn't all the fun though of working at ULU - on the last Tuesday of term (conveniently after the Italian test) was the ULU staff party, which was loads of fun - although I had to move from ops to ents during the games to make them all fair (well, I did work for ents once), only for the ents manager to join in & make it all unfair again (so much for fair play). However, ents did win one of the games, and as a result we got prizes - I won one of these:

Now needless to say I did get drunk that evening, and even spilled a bit of food on my jumper. However, I did meet some people from departments I haven't really spoken to (particularly Energy Base, ULU's gym). A few photos from the evening (including at least one featuring yours truely) can be found here.

That was originally going to be my only Christmas party, except that fellow steward Isis gave me an invite to a joint birthday party on the Saturday. How could I possibly refuse, what with not having anything going on that evening. There was a bit of disgusting behaviour around the start of the party, however the shithead causing trouble was chucked out, and the party from then on was total quality, and I met some seemingly very nice people.

Of course, I'm not going to leave out the friends whose gigs I went to. I'm talking about Big Dance in particular, whose three gigs I went to were all quality, and they seem very promising with their performances so far - just a shame I missed them when they played at Finnegans Wake, Ealing (former home of West London Calling) because I was very ill that weekend. On Thursday I went to see The Regulars, whose gig lacked the usual ex Dulwich following, but were still great on the night. Next term I look forward to seeing July July, who Lucas is also drumming for and sound very good (a bit Morning Runner like), and also I need to find out from fellow Upper Room fan Martina about a band she told me about called Morton Valence (who sound very unique, but also very good).

Anyways, this all leaves me to say have a quality rest of Christmas, and a quality new year (2006 it will be - blimey don't the year come & go).

Saturday, December 24, 2005
Another Video (As If One Wasn't Enough) - An Anthem Come February

Released February 27th 2006.
Album out Summer 2006.
Old video for song (for those who prefer it) here.

My Christmas message coming tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005
1 Year Of Blogging
Hi everyone,

Well, today's a kinda significant day for me, & also my blog for that matter, in that its been a year to the day that I set up this blog.

Blimey there's been quite a lot of changes of that past year. Either that or things that have changed and changed again, or things that have changed and changed back. Alright thats kinda normal really that does usually happen over a one year period.

Unintended Bliss was named after going to a Muse gig a few days beforehand, which I have to say was still one of my best gigs ever. It was deffo my biggest gig, being in the large venue that is Earl's Court. Until March this year, it was also my nearest gig, only to be beaten by a Southpaw gig that was a matter of a couple of hundred metres closer to home. Alright here I am, talking about gigging experiences again. Well, I think on average I went to at least one gig a month over this past year (probs more, particularly if you include those I've worked in). But where actually was I? Ah yes - I was originally going to name my blog with one word as a libertines song, but I don't know how good a title "Unintended What A Waster" would be. What do you think bargain bloggers?

(Sorry - I just had to do a David Dickinson pisstake there - couldn't resist it - he says Aution like "Oction" as well, doesn't he)

I originally set up a blog for a few reasons - one was to help people who don't use MSN much to still keep in touch with what's going on my end. Orignally I wrote it as if it was an MSN convo as well, but there was a revolution started by Chard, and the majority of people wanted me to write in more full english. Indeed those of you who talk to me on MSN may've noticed I've been starting to make an effort there as well to write in full words, but classics like "deffo", "probs" & "poss" will still stay (alright - deffo is the only one of those thats the classic - & I say it in reality too).

I also set it up so that I could comment on Helen O's blog, who was at the time my only blogging friend. She still has the honour of being my first commenter, six minutes after my first post. Now, I've also made some quality friends over the past year, through many ways. Whether its Alternative Music Society, IC Radio, ULU or even just a friend of a friend somehow (I met quite a few of those). Oh and also blogging (there back to where I was in just over a sentence) - it was another reason I started blogging. Back in April, after she was first commenting about me on Helen's blog, then on my blog, & after me leaving a comment on her blog that I was going to leave on her blog anyway (hoping she'd get better from her crappy illness - Helen was telling me a bit about it), Sarah HB was to be my first friend I'd make through blogging (as well as the first ex JAGS girl in my old yeargroup I've met for a long time), and what a legend she's been as well! Since then I was to make many more blogging friends, what with 2 BlogBQs (me having originally discovered the first whilst peering over Sarah B's blog, thinking nothing of it, then Snoph telling me about it all, convincing me to put my name down for it all). Now just take a look at the number of quality friends, most of whom I've met over this past year, with Blogs, LiveJournals, MSN Spaces or MySpaces. That list originally had just 3 people as well.

Over this year I had also grown a bit more into the old alchomohol, and I don't mean cider. My favourites have to be anything Budweiser based - Budweiser, Bud Ice, Bud E, and (the East European version) Budfer (I remember Jamie getting so drunk on that - it was amusing). I first tried it at Helen W's 19th birthday party, on the evening of RAG London Raid day (I still don't know if I'll be taking part in RAG this year). However, I also sometimes drink Carling, a drink I didn't like when I first tried it whilst hanging out with James G, but grown more into it when the Upper Room guitarist gave me & a few fans some cans (what a dude!), and also Fosters, which I think I sort of got into when I was chilling out with Tim & Ceri around the end of spring term in the middle of Queens Lawn. Alright that had to be the booze paragraph, & I haven't yet mentioned the bit of wine (best being from the other night, which Isis's parents gave me a glass of - it really was quality wine as well), champagne, & the apple sour shot I had on a summer evening when hanging out with Tim, Tom & Ceri. And I haven't yet tried Voddy or Ale (that'll be for 2006). Actually thats a lie about ale I think - I think I tired a bit when I was playing joke darts with Helen W & Greg.

Anyways, its been quite a past year, & whilst there has been some not so quality on my end (my yeargroup on my course, and one or two other issues I so thought would get sorted that I didn't), bring on the next year of blogging.

Oh yeah - & a more full update on whats been going on over the past 2-3 monthswill be coming soon, along with other goodies.